We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for our Users to explore, create and connect. These Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) work with our Terms of Use to set out our expectations about how our Users should interact within EVERYWHERE. If you notice something which you feel breaches these Guidelines, please report it here.

Violating these Guidelines may result in restrictions on your Account, including temporary or permanent bans from EVERYWHERE. In serious cases, we will share breaches of these Guidelines with relevant authorities.

As EVERYWHERE evolves, so will these Guidelines and we will regularly review and update them to address emerging risks, potential harms, and changes within EVERYWHERE.

Our Guidelines are separated into the “Code of Conduct”, “Content Standards” and “Enforcement Approach”, which work together in harmony to ensure every second spent within EVERYWHERE is safe and trusted.


Everyone is equal within EVERYWHERE. It is a place without borders, where you can come as you are to explore, build and meet friends. There is no tolerance for bullying, harassment, intimidation or hate of any kind, in any form, including within in-game communication systems, usernames, or within any ARCs or Stamps created.

EVERYWHERE is built upon acceptance, safety, and fun through these core community principles:

Embrace Diversity and Respect Others:

Our community is made up of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We celebrate this diversity and welcome all members. Always treat everyone with respect.

Share Knowledge and Be Helpful:

Our community thrives on knowledge sharing. We encourage members to share their experiences, insights, and tips with others, especially new members.

Be Honest and Play Fair:

We expect all members to be truthful in their interactions. Honesty and transparency are the foundation of a strong, trustworthy community. This is a level playing field, where we don’t hold grudges, troll, groom, spam, cheat, hack, exploit or grief, and where everyone always adheres to the game rules. We expect you to play by our rules, including our Terms of Use and other applicable terms

Report issues and protect others:

If you witness any behaviour or content that goes against our principles, please report it here. We take all reports seriously and will take appropriate action where necessary.


The following outlines the Content Standards for EVERYWHERE, which must be followed. This list is not exhaustive. Just because a particular behaviour is not set out below does not mean it is acceptable within EVERYWHERE.

By adhering to these Content Standards, you can help us ensure EVERYWHERE remains a safe and enjoyable space for all.


Discrimination and Hate Speech

EVERYWHERE is a place for everyone. We do not allow any kind of content or behaviour that discriminates against any person, including based on their:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Sex or gender
  • Marital status
  • Family status
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Political affiliation
  • Sexual orientation
  • Class or caste

Examples of this discriminatory behaviour would include:

  • Creating UGC which contains express or implied glorification of a hate group’s ideologies towards a particular person or group of persons
  • Any use of EVERYWHERE’s text chat to discriminate or make slurs against a particular person or group of persons
  • Targeting or harassing certain Users within a game mode of EVERYWHERE based solely on the characteristics set out above

Terrorism and Extremism

Content and behaviour in EVERYWHERE must never have any connotations to terrorism. This includes activities inciting, condoning, supporting, glorifying, or promoting terrorist or extremist organisations, individuals, and their ideology or actions

If you are a law enforcement agent and want to report illegal content relating to terrorism or extremism, please contact us here.

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying or otherwise making threats of violence is strictly prohibited within EVERYWHERE. We do not allow any form of:

  • Using EVERYWHERE’s communication channels to send offensive language, derogatory marks or insults to another User
  • Repeatedly targeting a particular User in game mode within EVERYWHERE with the intention of singling them out for ridicule
  • Engaging in cyber bullying by spreading rumours, gossip, or false information about another User
  • Disrupting the gameplay experience of another User by repeatedly stealing in-game resources, destroying their UGC or deliberately hindering their progress within EVERYWHERE
  • Excluding certain Users from participating in certain events with the deliberate intention of isolating them
  • Exploiting any hierarchical system (for example, if you are the leader of a ‘fan community’, ‘guild’ or simply a more experienced player) to bully or abuse more junior Users
  • Doxing another player or otherwise sharing their personal or private information.

Endangering Minors

We take the protection of minors extremely seriously, as such, we will take immediate and severe action if we detect any of the following within EVERYWHERE:

  • The circulation of inappropriate material relating to minors, or which sexualises children
  • Any attempt to groom a minor or act in a predatory way towards a child
  • Encouraging a minor to meet at a real-world location
  • Engaging in any form of sexual conversation with a minor

If you are a law enforcement agent and want to report illegal content relating to endangerment of minors please contact us here to ensure an expedited response.

Suicide, Self-Injury and Harmful Behaviour

We do not allow any form of behaviour that encourages or glorifies self-harm, self-injury, or suicide to exist within EVERYWHERE or any of our Services. We may even be legally required to inform authorities once we become aware of such threats. Anyone struggling with mental health please make use of available resourceshere.

Illegal Goods and Activities

We strictly prohibit the offering, showcasing, and promotion of any illegal activities and goods within EVERYWHERE. This includes the planning and coordination of activities that are illegal, or that relate to illegal goods or activities. It’s important to note that this rule applies to both virtual and real-world. The specific goods and activities that are considered illegal may vary depending on the laws of your country. Please ensure that you abide by the applicable laws.

Gambling and Casinos

We do not permit any form of gambling mechanics on EVERYWHERE. This includes:

  • User created loot-boxes and other elements of chance, unless they are made accessible to all Users for free without any form of remuneration or other consideration (including but not limited to real world currency, any in-game currencies and personal data of a User)
  • Creating an ARC that resembles a casino and encourages other Users to enter multiple games of chance.


Please ensure you add a warning message to all your ARCs and Stamps in EVERYWHERE regarding strobe lighting and photosensitivity to avoid harm to others who may have a history of seizures or epilepsy.

Off-Platform Behaviour

You should be mindful that these Guidelines also apply to any behaviour outside of EVERYWHERE. We reserve the right to act under our Terms of Use where Users behave in a way outside of EVERYWHERE which breaches these Guidelines. This includes:

  • Association or participation in criminal activity
  • Promotion of a hate group on a User’s social media pages
  • Being a member of a hate group


Guiding Users Off-Platform

We do not currently permit any form of linking to external goods, services or websites from within EVERYWHERE by Users. This includes:

  • Using the communication systems to send a hyperlink to another User and encouraging them to enter it into their web browser
  • Creating UGC which encourages a User to purchase goods from a storefront outside of EVERYWHERE
  • Selling a Virtual Item to another User but insisting that they pay for the Virtual Item using a payment method outside of or not supported by EVERYWHERE

System Abuses

You must not attempt to circumvent any systems within EVERYWHERE designed to keep our Users safe or detect breaches of our Terms of Use, including:

  • Manipulating your Account to gain access to otherwise restricted features, including manipulating your age to access age restricted content
  • Introducing any UGC which contains malicious design and/or programming
  • Creating ‘bot accounts’ within EVERYWHERE
  • Developing game loops and programming that farm resources whilst a User is away from keyboard (AFK)
  • Submitting fake reports that a User has breached these Guidelines when they have not

Sharing Personal Information

Unless otherwise permitted by us, you must not disclose your own or others’ sensitive personal information within EVERYWHERE to other Users. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sharing your password (Build A Rocket Boy Player Services will never ask for your password)
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account or other payment information


Intellectual Property Violations

We require you to respect the intellectual property rights of others. You agree not to use any trademarks, copyrights, music or other intellectual property rights, without the necessary permissions. We will act against infringing content as per the Terms of Use. This includes:

  • Using another person or company’s trademark within your UGC
  • Copying another User’s UGC where they or we have not allowed you to
  • Using the copyrighted material (including any music) of an artist within your UGC without their permission


You can only advertise or market your own or another person’s goods and services from outside of EVERYWHERE if you have written permission from Build A Rocket Boy or if it is permitted by our Advertising Policy. This includes:

  • Any self-promotion of your own goods or services or those of another person
  • Organising in-game events or gatherings for the purpose of promoting your or another person’s products or services
  • Using EVERYWHERE’s communication features to promote your or another person’s product or services
  • Creating billboards or signs within your ARCs or within EVERYWHERE advertising yours or another person’s goods or services

For the avoidance of doubt, self-promotion of your ARCs and Stamps is permitted provided you follow these Guidelines (for example, no spamming).

Contests and Giveaways

As contents and giveaways are a form of advertising, we currently do not permit our Users to run them within EVERYWHERE without written approval and/or using the features provided within the game. This includes:

  • Offering an in-game item in return for Users signing up to a mailing list
  • Giving Users who complete a challenge within your ARC the chance to be entered into a sweepstakes to win in-game currency
  • Running eSports style tournaments based around EVERYWHERE game modes or any User’s UGC

If you choose to participate in unofficial contests or giveaways, be aware that it is at your own risk and Build A Rocket Boy will not compensate you for any loss or failed deliveries.


We do not allow Users to manipulate the proprietary technology of EVERYWHERE to obtain an unfair advantage over other Users. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploiting bugs or glitches within EVERYWHERE like clipping through walls or accessing restricted areas of EVERYWHERE
  • Using third party software to modify EVERYWHERE’s code or alter gameplay mechanics (for example, aimbots, speed hacks or other automation tools)
  • Artificially inflating your ranking or achievements within EVERYWHERE by sharing your accounts or paying for third party boosting services

Scams and Malicious UGC Mechanics

Users cannot use EVERYWHERE to deceive other Users such as and not limited to:

  • Scamming other Users through phishing attempts using EVERYWHERE’s communication features
  • Sending fake chat or emails purporting to be from Build A Rocket Boy asking for Account information or passwords
  • Attempting to deceive other Users through false promises or misleading statements.
  • Impersonating a famous influencer or creator with a view to deceiving other Users


We do not permit the use of EVERYWHERE’s communication systems to spam, frustrate or annoy other Users, including:

  • Using the text chat system to repeatedly post similar messages
  • Utilising the text chat system to post messages with the intention of annoying or frustrating another User


Violence and Gore

In EVERYWHERE, you’ll come across various content and experiences that may depict violence and weapons. Please remember that these are designed purely for entertainment purposes. It is your responsibility to ensure that any UGC you create is only accessible to the appropriate age group using the tools available within EVERYWHERE.

Violence and Gore

In EVERYWHERE, you’ll come across various content and experiences that may depict violence and weapons. Please remember that these are designed purely for entertainment purposes. It is your responsibility to ensure that any UGC you create is only accessible to the appropriate age group using the tools available within EVERYWHERE.

Libel, Slander and Defamation

You must not make any communications about any person (including another User) within EVERYWHERE which are untrue, this would include making unsubstantiated claims using EVERYWHERE’s text/voice chat to suggest another User has done something illegal that you know they have not.

Disruptive Behaviour

We do not permit disruptive behaviour within EVERYWHERE that ruins gameplay for other Users. This includes:

  • Intentionally feeding kills or objective to an opposing team to frustrate your team members from winning the game mode you are playing
  • Trolling or otherwise provoking other Users with inflammatory communications
  • Frequently going AFK during gameplay
  • When not in a competitive game mode, camping near the spawn points of other Users and repeatedly killing them.

Sexual Content

You may not create any content within EVERYWHERE that depicts sexualised content, including:

  • UGC which promotes sexual services
  • Using EVERYWHERE’s communication systems to transmit sexual messages
  • UGC which simulates sexual activity


We do not permit any form of profanity to be used within EVERYWHERE or its communication systems. Whilst we feel this is self-explanatory, this includes:

  • Swearing within text chat
  • Uploading or creating any visual or audio content that contains swear words

Political and Religious Content

To maintain a respectful and civil environment, EVERYWHERE does not allow symbolism, and promotion related to extremism or any other political or religious content. This includes:

  • Creating UGC which promotes a particular political party’s views
  • Utilising EVERYWHERE’s communication systems to criticise another person’s religious beliefs
  • Recreating a past or present political candidate’s slogan within UGC and distributing it

Sensitive Real-World Events

It is strictly forbidden to recreate specific real-world tragic events, such as acts of violence against persons and property, in a way that mocks the victims, glorifies, or promotes the perpetrators, or capitalises on these events. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creating UGC which allows a User to experience a virtual version of a tragic event
  • Making UGC which alludes to an established tragic event being in any way fictional
  • Commenting on any historical tragic event within EVERYWHERE’s communication systems in a way designed to cause distress to other Users

Educational, historical, memorial and artistic content

If you create UGC that falls within this category, it must clearly be tagged as such within ARCADIA and must be limited to exploration mode only without any combat content.

Audio and Music

You are free to create, experiment and express yourself through ARCADIA. However, audio that causes disturbance to other Users’ experiences is not permitted. If your content requires such audio for the full experience, it must have clear and visible warning or caution signs, to avoid any harm to others. You cannot use any unlicensed music in your experience, nor are you allowed to bypass our protections to upload unlicensed music.

Unethical, Unsporting or Otherwise Unpleasant Behaviour

You should use your own judgment as to whether you are creating something or behaving in a way that goes against the spirit of these Guidelines. Just because something isn’t expressly set out within these Content Standards does not mean it is acceptable within EVERYWHERE. Anything that breaches the Code of Conduct, is designed to upset another User, generally causes offense, or can be said to be morally questionable will constitute a breach of these Guidelines and we may apply an Account restriction accordingly.


If you breach these Guidelines or our Terms of Use, we may apply restrictions to your Account such as restrictions on your account, temporary or permanent bans, and even reports to authorities if necessary. The nature, frequency and impact of the breach will determine the severity of these restrictions.

Any restrictions will be implemented in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Attempts to circumvent enforcement action by using alternative Accounts will result in sanctions being applied to all associated Accounts. We reserve the right to apply additional restrictions on an Account that differ from those set out above where necessary in the circumstances, including where required by applicable laws.

We continuously evaluate the impact of player behaviours on the EVERYWHERE ecosystem and may add sanctions or limitations or introduce new systems from time to time.


If you disagree with a restriction we have placed on your Account, you may appeal to our Player Services Team by heading here.

You should provide us with any additional evidence you feel is relevant in order to enable us to review the Account restriction. Depending on the territory you are a resident of any appeal must be sent to Build A Rocket Boy within the following time limits following the restriction being applied to your Account:

European Union6 months
Rest of World30 days

Any decision by Build A Rocket Boy following an appeal will be final. Your statutory rights are not affected. If you live in the European Union and disagree with a content moderation decision we've made, you have additional options to resolve it. You can choose a certified out-of-court dispute settlement body to help resolve the issue (the EU Commission has a list of these accredited bodies you can choose from) and you may also take our decision to court if needed.


These Guidelines are an integral part of our Terms of Use and therefore binding for you. By accepting the Terms of Use, you agree to comply with these Guidelines as well.

We have the authority to modify, alter, or delete any content that violates our Terms of Use, the Guidelines or Content Standards. Any necessary action we take will be in accordance with our Terms of Use. Please report violations to us by following the notice process set out in Section 9 of our Terms of Use.

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