We are committed to a safe and inclusive space for players to explore, create, and connect. We welcome all individuals, as they join us to discover new possibilities, meet like-minded people, and define their own destiny.

To help ensure the safety and well-being of our community, we have established these Community Guidelines (the “Guidelines”).

The “Code of Conduct”, “Content Standards” and, “Enforcement Approach”, work together in harmony to ensure every second spent within EVERYWHERE is safe and trusted.

Before playing or entering any world within EVERYWHERE, you must make sure you read and accept these Guidelines. Violating these Guidelines may result in consequences as defined in the Terms of Usesuch as restrictions on your account, temporary or permanent bans, and even reports to authorities if necessary.
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Code of Conduct
Everyone is equal within EVERYWHERE. It’s a place without borders, where you can come as you are, to explore, build and meet friends. EVERYWHERE is built upon acceptance, safety, and fun, delivered through these core community principles:

There is no tolerance for bullying, harassment, intimidation or hate of any kind, in any form: in-game communication system, text, voice, display names, character, arcs and stamps, etc.

Following this Code of Conduct, we invite you to embrace the adventure, create and share your stories, and enjoy an unforgettable journey in EVERYWHERE.
Content Standards
EVERYWHERE empowers you to freely create and experiment as far as your imagination can take you. If you can imagine it, you can experience it in EVERYWHERE.

Our approach to content moderation is centred around four key pillars:

The following outlines the Content Standards for EVERYWHERE and Services including content creation, interaction with other players and general behaviour and fair play. These standards must be followed:

Terrorism and other Violent Extremism:
Content and behaviour in EVERYWHERE must never have any connotations to terrorism. This includes activities like inciting, condoning, supporting, glorifying, or promoting terrorist or extremist organizations, individuals, and their ideology or actions.
Gambling and casinos:
EVERYWHERE does not allow any form of gambling mechanics on the platform. This includes loot-boxes and other elements of chance, unless they are made accessible to other Users for free, i.e. without any form of remuneration or other consideration, including but not limited to fiat currency, Cash Cubes, Data Cubes and personal data of a User.
In EVERYWHERE, you'll come across various content and experiences that may depict violence and weapons. Please remember that these are designed purely for entertainment purposes. It is your responsibility to ensure that any UGC you create is only accessible to the appropriate age group. Let's work together to make sure EVERYWHERE remains a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.
Political and religious content:
To maintain a respectful and civil environment, EVERYWHERE does not allow symbolism, and promotion related to extremism or any other political or religious content.
Illegal Goods and Activities:
We strictly prohibit the offering, showcasing, and promotion of any illegal activities and goods within EVERYWHERE. This includes the planning and coordination of activities that are illegal, or that relate to illegal goods or activities. It's important to note that this rule applies to both virtual and real-world. The specific goods and activities that are considered illegal may vary depending on the laws of your country. Please ensure that you abide by the applicable laws
You must treat all Users with fairness and maintain a civilized tone in all interactions throughout EVERYWHERE. Accordingly, the use of profanity, curses, or any other form of hateful language is strictly prohibited when communicating with other Users or with Build A Rocket Boy. You are responsible for ensuring that any form of content is only accessible to the appropriate age group.
Advertising in-game:
You can only advertise or market in EVERYWHERE if you have written permission from Build A Rocket Boy or if it is permitted by our Advertising Policy. We ask that you do not link to external sites.
Offline Behaviour:
We consider any form of misbehaviour a serious matter. Credible reports of serious misconduct, even in the real world, can lead to actions taken against you, as we outline in our Terms of Use.
Historical and real-world events:
It is strictly forbidden to recreate specific real-world tragic events, such as acts of violence against persons and property, in a way that mocks the victims, glorifies, or promotes the perpetrators, or capitalizes on these events.
Educational, historical, memorial, and art content:
If your content falls under this category it must be clearly tagged in-game. It is also limited to specific gameplay, such as no combat / exploration mode only.
Mature content (excluding minors):
EVERYWHERE is a space for people of different age groups. We prioritize the safety of minors, as such, we will not allow minors onto our systems until access to mature content can be limited to Users with age verified accounts who meet the required age thresholds. The verification will be in place to maintain a secure and appropriate environment for all Users.
Suicide and self-harm:
We do not allow any form of behaviour or content that encourages or glorifies self-harm, self-injury, or suicide to exist within EVERYWHERE or any of our Services. We may even be legally required to inform authorities once we become aware of such threats. Anyone struggling with mental health please make use of available resources:
NHS – Help for suicidal thoughts:
Suicide Prevention UK:
Using systems to spam, click-bait, or flood EVERYWHERE's environment is not accepted. Violations may result in sanctions on your account.
Audio and music:
You are free to create, experiment and express yourself through ARC-ADIA. However, audio that causes disturbance to other players' experiences is not permitted. If your content requires such audio for the full experience, it must have clear and visible warning / caution signs, to avoid any harm to others. You cannot use any unlicensed music in your experience, nor are you allowed to bypass our protections to upload unlicensed music.
Strobe lighting / photosensitivity:
Please ensure you add a warning message to all ARCs in EVERYWHERE regarding strobe lighting / photosensitivity to avoid harm to others who may have a history of seizures or epilepsy.
Community contests / giveaways:
We only support and endorse official EVERYWHERE events, contests, and giveaways that are promoted by Build A Rocket Boy and our partners through official channels.

Please note that any activities outside of the official channels are considered unofficial and are not permitted, unless expressly allowed by our Advertising Policy. If you choose to participate in unofficial activities, be aware that it is at your own risk and Build A Rockey Boy will not compensate you for any loss or failed deliveries.
Intellectual property rights:
We require you to respect the intellectual property rights of others. You agree not to use any (registered) trademarks, copyrights, music or other intellectual property rights, without the necessary permissions. We will act against infringing content as per the Terms of Use. If you should spot any infringing content, you can report it to us under the notice process set out in Section 9 of the Terms of Use.
Sharing Personal Information:
You must not disclose your own or others’ personal information in EVERYWHERE to other Users. Build A Rocket Boy Player Services will never ask for your password.
By adhering to these Content Standards, you can help us ensure EVERYWHERE remains a safe and enjoyable space for all.
Enforcement Approach
In EVERYWHERE and any other Services provided by Build A Rocket Boy, you are fully responsible for your own actions and language. This applies to various platforms, including: in-game, EVERYWHERE subreddit, EVERYWHERE Discord server, and interactions with Player Services. You are responsible for adhering to local laws in your region or territory.

To ensure a safe and secure environment, we have implemented procedures and tools to identify, review, and moderate content within our Services. It is strictly prohibited to bypass infiltrate, disrupt, damage, or interfere with these systems in any way.

Violating these Guidelines may result in consequences such as restrictions on your account, temporary or permanent bans, and even reports to authorities if necessary. The nature, frequency, and impact of the offence will determine the severity of the sanctions. Potential sanctions for violating these Guidelines include but are not limited to:

All sanctions will be implemented as outlined in the Terms of Use.

Creating secondary accounts to breach our Guidelines, Content Standards, Code of Conduct, and/or Terms of Use may result in sanctions on all your EVERYWHERE accounts, not just the account that committed the original offence. Additionally, any attempts to circumvent enforcement action by using alternative accounts will result in sanctions to all associated accounts. We do not permit sharing of accounts.

The Legal Stuff
These Guidelines are an integral part of our Terms of Use and therefore binding for you. By accepting the Terms of Use, you agree to comply with these Guidelines as well.

We have the authority to modify, alter, or delete any content that violates our Terms of Use, the Guidelines or Content Standards. Any necessary action we take will be in accordance with our Terms of Use. Please report violations to us by following the notice process set out in Section 9 of our Terms of Use.

We continuously review and update these Guidelines to address emerging risks and potential harms. Changes will be made as provided in the Terms of Use.
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Time for a new world
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